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Service aux entrepreneurs du Géant du conteneur
Service aux entrepreneurs du Géant du conteneur mobile

Permanent dumpster rental for companies

Containers, recycling, leed projects and more!

Eco-friendly construction, renovation and demolition work

Concerned about the environmental impact of your work? When cleaning up work sites, we go to great lengths to reduce and recycle your waste materials in order to minimize the amount sent to landfills or incinerated.

We offer a wide range of personalized, efficient and cost-effective services that comply with sustainable construction standards. Contact us to find out how this approach can enhance your offer, while respecting your environmental values.

For a clean, safe and environmentally friendly construction site.

1. Container delivery

Small, medium, large container? Our container rental fleet offers you a wide choice of 2 to 40 cubic yards, not to mention our collection service to collect all your construction, renovation and demolition debris (CRD).

Simple, fast, efficient!

Order your container, receive it quickly.

Even faster?

With Le Geant du Containeur, offer yourself a hyper-fast and flexible delivery and collection, in less than 24 hours if necessary! It's up to you to choose the time and frequency. Your schedule will be ours!

2. LEED project management

Are you applying for LEED certification, issued by the Canada Green Building Council? We can help you by providing compliant dumpsters and traceability reports for your waste materials.

3. Storage of dry materials

You’ll have access to our ecocentre and to one of our recycling centres, where you can personally drop off your construction, renovation and demolition debris.

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4. Mobile toilet rental

Our portable (chemical) toilets are designed for construction sites. Avoid workers having to constantly leave the site, save time, and increase your productivity!

5. Rental of security fences

We’ll protect your site with fences and barriers designed to indicate construction, excavation and demolition zones.

Make sure your job site is visible to prevent accidents involving your workers and passers-by. Prevent accidents—contact us about renting a fence.

6. Logistics and security

We can deliver our dumpsters to hard-to-reach, elevated and uneven worksites.

We’re prepared for anything—trust us! We’ll inspect your site and come up with the best solution for safely disposing of your waste.

Projects :Industrial building – Shopping centre – Cottage – Complex – Eco-friendly residential district – Public building – Skyscraper – Hospital – Multi-dwelling building – House – Park – Bridge – Road – Parking lot – Roof – Excavation work, etc.

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10 yards

11' (LENGTH) X 7' (WIDTH) X 4' (HEIGHT)

10 yards

Ideal dumpster for disposing of waste from your small renovation projects, or getting rid of bulky waste after a cleaning. Suitable for residences and vacation homes, and adapted for LEED projects. Concrete dumpster also available.

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14 yards

13' (LENGTH) X 7' (WIDTH) X 4' (HEIGHT)

14 yards

An ideal dumpster for garden or residential waste, or to carry away debris from small construction, renovation, demolition or plumbing projects. Container suitable for LEED projects.

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20 yards

20' (LENGTH) X 8' (WIDTH) X 4' (HEIGHT)

20 yards

Ideal dumpster for cleaning up your sites for construction, renovation, demolition, excavation or post-disaster clean-up sites. Dumpster suitable for LEED projects.

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40 yards

20' (LENGTH) X 8' (WIDTH) X 8' (HEIGHT)

40 yards

Large dumpster ideal for big construction, renovation, demolition, excavation projects. Dumpster suitable for LEED projects. Works well for removing debris and dry materials.

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